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Our goal as Behavior Analysts is to deliver intensive, high-quality, and evidence-based behavioral services for individuals on the autism spectrum or with alternative learning needs.  Through our years of experience working with families, we have developed a team-centered, collaborative approach to intervention at all levels.  By putting an emphasis on comprehensive parent/caregiver or teacher training, we can create round-the-clock therapeutic environments that offer the best opportunity for successful intervention.  Our treatment plans are based on the specific needs of each client and their families and can address behavioral, communication, and/or social development.  Our team works with a limited number of clients to ensure that families have full access, input, and insight throughout the therapeutic process.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

'EIBI is one of the most well-established applications of Applied Behavior Analysis. It typically involves between 20-40 hours per week of therapy for children five years of age and younger. Early intervention can maximize treatment outcomes and produce significant skill acquisition when delivered on an appropriate schedule.

Behavior Therapy 

Our behavior therapy service consists of a full assessment of learning skills, behavior, and language from which we will develop an individualized treatment plan to fit your family's needs.

Short Term Consultation

Hit a road block while potty training? Need help with a specific behavior problem? Need extra support during a time of transition? Our short-term consultation services are available for when a full in-home therapy program may not be necessary or possible for your family.